How To Import Video Into iMovie? (In Few Easy Steps)

How To Import Video Into iMovie? (In Few Easy Steps)

Importing videos to iMovie is an essential part of editing your project. iMovie allows you to import videos from various sources, including a built-in camera or camcorder, hard drives, and external cameras and camcorders. Once imported, the video clips can be combined to create your movie masterpiece!

How to Step Importing Videos to iMovie

1) Connect the Camera/Camcorder: To begin importing your video clips into iMovie, first connect the camera or camcorder to your computer with either a USB cable or FireWire cable (depending on what type of port is available). The image below shows what a standard USB connection looks like.

2) Open iMovie: Launch iMovie by clicking on the iMovie icon in your dock or using the Finder.

3) Select Import: Once you’re you’re inside iMovie, select “Import” from the File menu. This will open the import window where you can select which clips to import into iMovie.

4) Choose Video Source and Files: Now choose your camera or camcorder as the video source and check off all the files that need to be imported (you can also check off one file if needed). Then click “Import Selected.”

5) Finished: Once you have clicked “Import Selected,” the videos will transfer into iMovie. You should see a progress bar letting you know the transfer status. Once it is finished, you are now ready to begin editing your movie!


With these steps, you should be able to easily import video clips into iMovie and start creating your movie masterpiece! Have fun and enjoy making movies with iMovie! Just remember to save your work as you go permanently.

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